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Living Memories

Much ado about something

31 January 1987
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I write, I read, I watch DvD's and cartoons. I do theater, and write for theater, and am failry sarcastic.

I read too many comics, play DnD, and occatonally have to restain the urge to laugh evily for no real reason.

I lead a fairly intersting life. You can read about it here. It involves ghosts, angels, abyssal creatures, love, some magic, some tragety, writing, music, voice acting, strange jokes, bad humor, and some terribly important people (to me). And bunnies (teh bunnies!) Oh, and some sarcastic demons. But aren't they all? Really? Is it just me?
Oh, and some rants about fanfiction. *twitch*

I am an artist, a mad genus, and a bit of a nutter.

Also,m give me five minutes and I can find the male gay pairing in any fandom. (and yes, I do mean ANY. I ruined Strawberry Shortcake for someone!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, we do our best to please. Turn off your cellphones, and enjoy the show.

and if you don't, in the words of Gary Larson, your mother was a cow.